Seniors can foster senior dogs with Dogtown

As you get older, you may be reluctant to adopt a puppy or very young dog for a number of reasons, including a reduced budget. Dogtown has changed all of that with its programme where seniors can foster senior dogs.

seniors can foster senior dogs like lois at Dogtown

Dogtown launched a programme

Dogtown South Africa launched a foster programme in April 2022 and has seen several happy dogs. Now, Dogtown looks at changing the lives of senior dogs with their foster programme as they are often overlooked when it comes to adoption. Eight senior dogs have been placed in foster care since the inception of the programme.

Dogtown commits to their dogs for their entire lives, and so all foster pets are the financial responsibility of Dogtown. This means that Dogtown provides food, deworming, and tick and flea treatments. Foster families are, of course, welcome to sponsor any of the items their foster pet requires, should they wish to.

“Many of our oldies have medical issues, which is another deterrent for families looking to adopt, as the monthly medical bills do pile up quickly in some cases. Our foster programme covers the cost of medical expenses for the foster pets just as if they were still in our day-to-day care,” explains Tracy McQuarrie, Dogtown founder.

Senior dogs often stay in shelters for the rest of the time that they have, but a foster programme for their remaining years can change their lives.

Foster programme makes a difference

The foster program has made a difference in the lives of these golden oldie senior dogs, providing them with a loving family environment. When a family signs up for the programme, they are matched with a suitable senior dog, one that matches their home and lifestyle. The family can provide love and nurturing care for the dog while Dogtown takes care of food and routine treatments, as well as their medical expenses.

“We are so grateful to the foster families who have chosen to take in eight of our seniors. Some of the families have experienced sadness at the loss of their new family member. But everyone takes comfort in knowing that they spent their last days with a loving family,” says McQuarrie.

Dogtown still has many senior dogs in their care and would value the opportunity to place them in loving foster homes. If anyone would like to be part of the programme they need to email

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